The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home in 2024



Our team

Our dynamic sales team appreciates just how lucky they are to live and work on the beautiful and fast-growing Capricorn Coast. 81% of all contracts negotiated by our sales team as of December 2022 have been for full list price or more.

@ Real Estate is committed to helping you achieve your dreams, whilst providing the highest standard of service.




Unique Sales Formula 


·      Consistently be proactive every step of the way resulting in more control and less hassle for you, the seller. 


·      Always provide clear and transparent communication and feedback, giving you the confidence to make important decisions.


·      Maximise buyer interest with industry leading digital marketing.


·      Individualised plan to strategically market your property, maximising perceived value to buyers.


·      Eager buyers receive exclusive access to new listings before they are opened to a wider audience, saving you time and money.


·      Detailed property information provided to keen buyers, giving them the confidence to pay more.


·      Weekly Vendor Reports, including buyer interest, online and in person, as well as genuine feedback.


·      Negotiate up not down.  Proven track record with 69% of contracts negotiated over the last 3 months be for full list price or more.


·      Demonstrated success with the highest number of reviews of any agency based on the coast.


·      Time efficient sales process 


·      Outstanding high-quality photos and imagery, creating a lasting first impression.



What sale option is best for you? 

Option 1: OFF MARKET

As you know the real estate market is crazy and we have buyers coming out of my ears, we are selling many properties off-market with no advertising, and our sellers are over the moon with the prices we are achieving.  We are finding many homeowners are keen to make the most of current market conditions, but just don’t want the fuss, expense, or commitment of marketing / advertising their property for sale.  We have the perfect solution and it's super simple. 

Have you considered selling off market? This means no big expensive marketing campaign, no open homes, no need to worry about your property being for sale for a long time and looking stale, no fuss, and remember there’s no pressure to accept any offers you receive. 

We do suggest however getting some professional photos taken just so we can show our buyers when we are speaking to them. 


Professional Photography  (by Alicia Harvey - Real Property Photography)

• Professional Photos 

• Drone photos to show the location 

• 3D Floor Plan 




Below is the proposed marketing plan and costs;

Professional Photography  (by Alicia Harvey - Real Property Photography)

• Professional Photos 

• Drone photos to show the location 

• 3D Floor Plan 



Exclusive, early listing access to eager buyers before opening to a wider audience. Giving you the best chance of selling for the highest price, without expensive marketing.

• Domain Early Access.

• Featuring your property on our website (which has been recognized by the REIQ Journal as the leading real estate agency website in QLD).

• Social Media.

• Buyer Match our Database to buyers who have been looking in that price bracket from other properties we have recently sold.

• At our cost we will provide a 900x1200 metal for sale sign


Live Listing

Advertising to a wide audience, creating buying competition;

• We would also feature your property on our website, and other property portals.

•  Premier listing for 60 days.  This will mean your property will show up under the Yeppoon Greater Region and not just Zilzie.  Most agents on the coast are now using premier listings, we would recommend for you to do the same if you want to ensure your property won't be missed.        

We also have an exclusive showcase on the REA website. This means that we are showcasing your property to capture the attention of more potential buyers.

• Platinum listing for 60 days. This is the domain version of the Premier listing. 

• More Social Media

• Office Window Display        

 Advertise Listing on Facebook Market Space 


Option 3: Auction 

When it comes to selling your home at auction, it is a similar marketing campaign to the ‘Campaign to Build Competition’. However a benefit to selling your home at auction is that is it an unconditional contract. An unconditional contract is not subject to Building and Pest Inspections or Due Diligence. The buyer must be 100% certain that they are satisfied with the condition and that they can pay for the property, as the contract is not subject to Finance Approval or Building and Pest Inspection.  Auctions work well for properties that are unique and / or in highlight desirable locations. 


Natalie Gesler licensed auctioneer and doesn't charge our @ Real Estate clients an auctioneer fee.


Want your Home Sold for Full List Price or more?


The @ Real Estate sales team has an excellent 81% of contracts being negotiated for full list price or more as of December 2022. Using their Unique Sales Formula, this is what these homes had in common;


·      Perfectly Presented.

·      Strong Marketing.

·      Priced Right.


·      Our sales team only take on a handful of listing at one time, so we can give you and your home full attention.

·      The experts with a massive online and social media reach.

·      Prominent modern office, Location: 20B James Street next to IGA.

·      Amazing images and videos.

·      Strong negotiation skills.

·      Getting the highest sale price for sellers not lowest price for buyers.



Up to 96% of Buyers Buy Online

Our experience and records show 96% of all @ Real Estate buyer enquiries come from online. The @ Real Estate website is receiving a growing number of hits per property and is quickly catching larger portals such as and Between September 2022 - November 2022 the @ Real Estate website had 19% of online views.


All online marketing is easy to bench mark and measure. Meaning that the @ Real Estate team are able to set an expectation as to how many internet hits a property is expected to receive from each website and on Social Media as well as the level of engagements expected. For example, the @ Real Estate sales team expects to receive 400 internet hits per property per week. If a property does not receive 400 hits per week, adjustments need to be made to increase buyer interest.


Online marketing is flexible and can be quickly changed or updated. For example, if a seller wants to change the price this can be changed on all internet and social media platforms quickly. Likewise, the agent may change the photos around to give the advertising a fresh look.


Compare Sold Properties

Instead of comparing what’s on the market, compare what has recently sold in your area. You can then see what buyers are willing to pay in your market compared to what price owners are wishing for.


To do this check out the sold section on your favourite property site such as,, etc.



Create a Plan


First impressions are important in creating the buyer’s perception of the property and its value. In today’s world of digital marketing it is vital to have high quality photos, videos and floor plans. Online marketing is crucial because a 59% of our buyers are not locals and a further 31% of our buyers have bought site unseen, as of December 2022. @ Real Estate has been recognised by REIQ journal as a leader in digital marketing!




The wider spread the marketing, the more buyer interest created


·      91% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property.

·      53% of people don’t go past the first page when searching for property online.

· Premiere Property ads appear at the top of all search results for your suburb & Yeppoon greater region in our ultimate position. On average they receive 20 times more views and 9 times more enquiries than a standard ad.

·      74% of Australians use two devices simultaneously.

·      There are 2.8 Billion active Australian users on Facebook

·      The average user spends 15.5 hours on Facebook per week



Quality Photos


Scrolling through, or other property advertising platform, photos really need to stand out and catch the attention of the buyer straight away, or they will keep scrolling. We like to ensure that our photos of your property are of the highest quality so that they do stand out to buyers




Build Emotion With A 3D Floor Plan


Only 30% of people understand a 2D floor plan. 3D floor plans are much easier to view and get a better idea of the general layout of a home.




Imagine This Is The Buyers House


Let go of your property emotionally, we know your home holds many treasured memories and it can be tough to accept that the property will be someone else’s new home. Try focusing on what sales results you want to achieve and the start of the next chapter of your life.


Move out mentally, view your home in the eyes of a buyer. Begin to imagine what a buyer will love about your property and how the presentation will affect their emotions.


Be objective, be prepared to do whatever it takes to present your home absolutely perfectly for buyers. Try and rearrange your room layout to maximise the spaces potential.



Renew & Repair


It’s all about profit, when presenting your property, make sure everything is in perfect working order. Buyers will pay extra for homes that require no work.


Do a maintenance check around the house before listing. Buyers will focus on every detail around the house and will notice the small flaws your property may have. If you can see it, so can everyone else. You don’t want the buyers questioning what else is wrong with the property or talking down the price.