Increase in Off Market Sales

If you have been thinking about selling, the market is red hot at the moment here in Yeppoon and Emu Park. So far this year out of all the houses @ Real Estate have sold, 22 per cent of them have been sold off-market. This means that 22 per cent of our sales have sold with little to no marketing. For you, the seller, this is a great advantage and a great opportunity. This means you save money on advertising, you save time, stress, hassle and reduces the need for open homes. It is a great way to sell, a win-win for everyone. Generally, if you are selling off-market you’re getting the price you want.
As our sales team were able to identify this growing trend with more and more homes selling “Off Market” early, we have been able to put proactive systems in place to make the most of this opportunity for our sellers. Including our exclusive pre-launch system in; When we list a property, this first step is the professional photoshoot. This way we can show the potential buyers that we have been working with, what the home looks like. Once the photos are done and we upload the property to domain early access, this basically gives us access to’s database, for potential buyers. Then we use our own database and buyers we have been working with, and send out a sneak peek, or VIP preview on social media and our website. We find this system works fantastically and it gives you, the seller the best chance of getting the highest possible sale price and reducing your marketing costs.
If your property doesn’t sell after the pre-launch, then we will look at putting it on the major portals such as or domain.
The way the market is at the moment this is a great opportunity to make the most off-market sales and great results for everyone. Experience the @ Real Estate difference for yourself.

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