Here @ Real Estate we don’t just list a property for sale and hope for the best, we list property for sale with the intention of selling it in a timely manner.  Experience has demonstrated time and time again, that if a home is likely to sell in the first 30 days of listing, which by the way is proven to be the best time to sell for the highest possible fair market value, then it will receive a certain level of interest. 

How do we generate the highest level of interest?

We customize a simple, cost effective marketing package for your home, this may include;

  • Guidance on price and presentation
  • Amazing photos and images
  • Expertly designed ads on various websites and social media platforms
  • Buyer matching technology
  • Our big green sale signs
  • Digital office displays
  • and much much more.

How much buyer interest should a property receive?

Our dedicated team @ Real Estate keeps track of all enquires, inspections and buyer feedback, which is then passed onto our sellers with regular phone calls and weekly reports emailed.  This up to date feedback allows vendors to stay in control and make important decisions regarding the sale of their property.

If your property is presented, priced and marketed well you could expect the following level of interest in the first 7 days:

  • Internet traffic of 1,500 hits or more
  • Internet enquires 3
  • 3 Groups through open home
  • 3 Enquires from ad or sign
  • 2 Private inspections

The above results are typical of a property that sells within 30 days of listing. Generally, the most interest and highest fair market value is achieved when a property is first listed.

To find out how to sell your property for the highest fair market value call Natalie on 0411 874 969 or Jodi on 0417 970 640.

Do you own a home?

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