Do you want top dollar for your property when you sell?  YES, I have never met a property owner yet who says no.  Then you need to tick the boxes.  All buyers have boxes they need to tick when buying a property, some boxes are more important to them than others, meaning some boxes must be ticked while others are things they would just like but could live without if they absolutely love the home.  It is just so important to make sure when you build or do renovations you spend your money on the right things.  

Recently we sold a home for what is considered a fantastic price for the area, and even for the house size, but what you need to remember is the property ticked buyers’ boxes, it had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, 3 car accommodation and side access which is highly sort after, a pool, massive outdoor area on the eastern side of the house overlooking the pool and a good sized block.  These vendors where smart when they built the property, they really thought about what buyers are looking for.  Here on the Capricorn Coast this is exactly what the average buyer is looking for, because it suites our way of life, room for a boat / caravan, a pool to cool off in, and plenty of indoor / outdoor living space. 

We constantly meet home owners with the same size home or even larger, but their property just doesn’t tick the boxes, this will have a dramatic impact on your sale price.  A great solution is to enable side access and room for additional car parking or a pool.  While you still won’t attract as higher price as a house with additional car accommodation and a pool you will still attract a good price as many buyers will be happy to pay a little less as long as they can add a pool or a shed themselves. 

Ticking the boxes simply highlights the importance of good practical useable design.  We offer see larger homes that would have cost a mint to build, but are simply not as useable and don’t tick as many boxes as a house that has been thoughtfully designed for the same price.  Before building or spending more money on your home make sure you make it count, consider what boxes does the property tick now and what boxes will the property tick after the improvements.  Some common considerations might include;

High Value Adds

  • Car Accommodation
  • Car Parking
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Number of Indoor Living Areas
  • Outdoor Living
  • Pool

Value Adds

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Gardens
  • Modern
  • Ceiling Height
  • Stone Bench Tops
  • Quality Appliances
  • Size of Shower
  • Standard of Fixtures and Fittings

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