Wednesday the 8th of March saw the commencement of @ Real Estate’s Weekly Facebook Live Interviews where every Wednesday the spirited Emma from @ Real Estate Yeppoon will interview various real estate professionals every Wednesday around 4pm. Emma will prop guests for industry secrets and tips, delivered in a casual easy to understand manner. This week commenced with Emma, discussing the importance of, and tips to best present your home for sale, with @ Real Estate Yeppoon’s Principle and Sales Agent, Natalie Gesler. 

Natalie has personally bought and sold 20 properties including 9 full renovation projects, as well as 5 new home builds. Natalie is also a marketing genius. This experience has highlighted the importance of presenting a property for sale in the best light to ensure the seller receives the highest possible price and the shortest time. 

Natalie explained that we often live in a home to be comfortable and not necessarily sale ready. Natalie showed the difference between an owner’s furniture and belongings compared to a clean empty home then to a staged home. When a home is personal, full of the owner’s life long positions and set up to suite that owner it can be difficult for buyers to feel at home and imagine them self’s living in a home as well as where their furniture will fit. With a clean empty home, it can still be difficult for buyers to imagine, as an empty space can be deceiving in size, hard to imagine the best usage for the space and can feel sterile. Once a home has been staged in up to date furnishings, neutral colours suited to the potential buyers demographic it becomes easy for buyers to imagine their selves living in the property and how they can use the space.

It is much easier for a buyer to establish an emotional connection with a staged home than an empty property or personalised home. We all know emotional buyers will pay more.

Natalie Top Tips;

De Clutter – If you are selling, you are going to be moving anyway so have a big clean up and get rid of any unnecessary furniture or anything that doesn’t fit the space perfectly

De Personalise – Remove personal items such as photos and toiletries, kid’s art work etc.

Clean – The property needs to be spotless inside and out

Use natural colours textures and furniture

Sell the lifestyle the property has to offer – if it’s a beach house show the beach lifestyle, if it’s a family home display it as such etc.

First impressions count -  small things like a green lawn and freshly mulched gardens have a big impact

Presentation, marketing guidance and advise is all part of the @ Real Estate Yeppoon’s service. Call Natalie on 0411 874 969 or Jodi on 0417 970 642 to arrange your complimentary pre listing consultation.

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