In our experience there is only one instance where not having a price on a property can be useful and that an Auctions.  If your property is listed for sale, with no price and you are not using an auction as your method of sale, in our experience, it is unlikely to sell.  We have recently tried to list a couple of properties without prices and have noticed a large decrease in internet hits and buyer enquiry.  Highlighting the importance of listing property for sale with the correct price.  After a property has been for sale for a while, without much interest some agents will recommend removing the price, however we have found instead of increasing buyer interest that strategy seems to decrease buyer interest and enquiry. 

It is vital that you advertise properties for sale with the correct market value, in today’s market buyers are educated and know what properties are worth, even if a property is only $10 000 over price you might not get much interest, but as soon as the property is advertised at the correct market price interest will noticeably increase.

No Price equals no sale, expect if you are auctioning your property for sale.

By the @ Real Estate Sales Team

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