Is a laundry really important to buyers? I am no domestic goddess so for me personally when buying a home, I have never considered a laundry to be important. In fact, I have been known to say the less room it takes up the better. However, after working the all-day every day and seeing some very nice laundries, I have come to the conclusion that there when it comes to laundries there are 2 kinds of buyers. 

  1. Those that demand an amazing practical, spacious laundry
  2. And those that just wouldn’t even notice if the home didn’t even have one.

After see some truly amazing laundries, I am pleased to say I have been converted from someone that didn’t care about the laundry as long as it had enough room for my washer and dryer, necessary connections and a tub, to being excited about my recent laundry reno. What I love about a good laundry reno, a little effort and a small budget can go a long way. A laundry should be a practical space, full of useful storage.

Some of the best laundries I have seen include features such as

  • Fold out ironing boards
  • Tv’s to watch while you iron
  • A hanging rail above the bench - offering space for ironed cloths to hang before being put away
  • Built in fold out airing racks - offering space to hang delicates or washing on a rainy day
  • Storage for dirty cloths
  • Storage for washing and ironing products. 

The laundries I love make use of the space for practical storage of sporting items such as balls, hanging for bikes or golf clubs and baskets for shoes. Buyers are always wowed by a good bench in a laundry. Open shelfs with matching baskets and containers to store washing products is always a hit, bringing the practical side of the laundry to life.

So, if you’re looking to buy, remember to tell your agent if you require an amazing laundry or if the bare essentials will do.

Natalie Gesler 
@ Real Estate

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