The best way you can add value to your home and help it to sell faster is to
create a good first impression, and help buyers build an emotional
connection to your home and set your home apart from the rest. Possibly
the easiest and most cost effective thing you can do is spend some time in
the garden.

The @ Real Estate team loving gardening, did you know gardening is actually
the most popular hobby in the world. It doesn’t matter if your young or old,
and the great thing about gardening is you can spend as much or as little on
it as you like. It is also very rewarding.

If your thinking about selling your home, try to look at your home as a
buyer would, stand back on the road, whats the street appeal like? Then
walk up and down your street to see what buyers see when they drive past
from different angles. The two most common mistakes we notice as sales
agents is either lack of gardens and green lawn, making a home look barron
and gives the impression of a rental property or over grown or too much
garden which hides the front of the house. Remember first impressions count
and you want buyers to fall in love with it from the first time they see
your home.

Also, consider does the style of the garden match the style of the home?

Start by having a good clean up. Trim and prune, trees and shrubs, weed
gardens and lawns. Fertilise and water and bring in some new bark, mulch or
rocks, you’ll be amazing at the difference a couple of hours in the garden
can make.

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