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The ultimate guide to selling your home in 2019


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Natalie leads the dynamic @ Real Estate team by example, dedicated to personal and individualized service. Sellers love her determination and ability to leave no stone unturned. Positive and energetic by nature Natalie’s love of real estate and the Capricorn Coast is contagious.





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Jodi continually goes the extra mile for her valued clients. Taking on only a hand full of listing at a time to give them her full attention and get to know all of her clients on a personal level thanks to her magnetic personality. Jodi is a wealth of knowledge with over 10 years’ experience in real estate.




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Emma’s energy and enthusiasm is matched by her dedication. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the Capricorn Coast and the local property market, online marketing and social media expertise and an amazing ability to remain cool and calm under pressure.







@ Real Estates is committed to helping their valued clients achieve their dreams and providing the highest standard of service to all of its clients, and the local community.

Natalie Gesler, Jodi Schofield, Emma Parry, Meg Blackburn and Troy Gesler are all proud to be part of the @ Real Estate Yeppoon success and enjoy living in a tropical paradise.

This dynamic sales team apricate just how lucky they are to live and work on the beautiful and fast-growing Capricorn Coast. Over half the homes @ Real Estate sell are for full list price or more in the last twelve months to September 2018.

Troy spearheads the Property Management Department, dedicated to clear communication, and upholding a high standard for both Landlords and tenants alike.


What our Clients have to say 

“Just want to commend Jodi for her 5 Star service. She has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Had out house previously on the market with another real estate, actively on the market for 4 months with only 1 offer.
Jodi sold our house for $25,000 more within 48hrs of being on the market. Thank you so much Jodi”

Ashleigh Causevic



“I would recommend Natalie to anyone, to sell their home and advise to listen to Natalie’s advice, as in the end you will be the one who benefits from her knowledge”.

Kevin & Jan Petty



The Selling Process







@ + Seller

Get to know each other and your property



@ + Seller

Make an individual Marketing plan together and complete Listing Form 6




Insure the property looks its best



@ Real Estate

Organise professional photos and write text



@ Real Estate

Book and upload marketing.

Property goes live on the internet



@ Real Estate

Available for byers to call anytime



@ Real Estate

Buyer match



@ Real Estate

Buyer inspections



@ Real Estate

Vendor Reports



@ + Seller

Discuss buyer feedback together, make any changed required - weekly



@ Real Estate

Negotiate the highest fair market price possible



@ Real Estate

Prepare contract of sale



@ Real Estate

Arrange access for valuers, building and pest inspections



@ + Seller

Stay in touch with the buyers to ensure smooth settlement



@ Real Estate

Settlement congratulations


Want to be in the 50% that sell their homes for full list price?

50% of all houses sold over the last 6 months (to April 2018) have been for full list price or more and sold in an average of 30 Days.

This is what all of these houses had in common

  • Perfectly Presented
  • Strong Marketing
  • Priced Right

We are proud of our unique selling system

  • Our sales team only take on a handful of listing at one time, so we can give you our full attention.
  • Massive online social media reach
  • Prominent modern office next to IGA
  • Amazing images
  • Outstanding marketing

Home Staging

Home Staging: Creating a space that is neutral and appealing to buyers. It is important to identify and show off every feature that buyers will love.

Home staging has been proven to work

  • Staged homes sell faster compared to un-staged.
  • Staged homes sell for more money.
  • The average buyer decides if they like the property in the first 30 seconds.
  • Buyers pay more for premium presentation, with no work to do.
  • Only 5% of buyers can visualise the potential of a property.


Property Buyers Expectations are Changing

From August 2017 – February 2018 the Sales agents of @ Real Estate have achieved amazing results with 54% of all house sales were at full list price or higher, sold on average in 29 days. These results demonstrate changes in consumer behaviour as well as a changing market. Our statistics show that 91% of all buyer enquiries are generated online and 96% of all home buyers that bought a home found that home online.

Remember local buyers nowadays are used to seeing perfectly presented, stylish homes online and on reality TV Shows fuelling their expectations of what their own homes could look like.

Successful list price sellers ensure their homes are;

  • Extremely well maintained and in excellent condition
  • Tastefully decorated with décor to suite the home
  • Perfectly clean inside and out, not a speck of dust to be seen

With the vast amount of information available to buyers online nowadays, buyers are highly educated about what to expect in their price point, making it vital for sellers to listen to their sales professionals and follow their advice.

  • Price the property correctly
  • Actively market the property

The @ Real Estate sales team would love to chat with you about how to sell your home for full list price too.


Cluttered spaces make a room look small and appear to have a lack of storage. Buyers love big, crisp, clean open spaces.

  1. De-personalise.
    This allows the buyers to imagine themselves in the property instead of being distracted by your personal items.
  2. Storage Space sells
    Buyers love homes with plenty of storage! Make sure you clean out anything that you don’t need. 


What to get rid of

  • Groups of small decorative items
  • Personal collections
  • Cleaning & maintenance items
  • Religious icons
  • Artwork (highly personal)
  • Books

The more you get rid of the easer it will be to move.

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How to present your home

Our brains are 95% emotional and 5% rational.
Buyers are more likely to buy a property that they have an emotional connection with.

To achieve this your home needs to

  • Be de-personalised
  • Have simple staging
  • Shows the lifestyle your property offers
  • Have candles burning during inspections

Wow your buyer immediately!
First Impressions Count



Why styling will increase your sale price

People shop with logic but buy with emotion.
Create a loveable and warm atmosphere for buyer. Make the buyers remember your property.

Staged homes attract more buyers
96% of buyers shop online, it is crucial yours stands out from the crowd!

How to know if your home needs staging

Is the property

  • Vacant or have empty rooms?


Is the furniture

  • Appropriate for the home?
  • Matching?
  • Modern?
  • In good order?



Should you leave a room empty?

  1. Empty rooms can cause it to look smaller.
    It is important to show your buyers the space for big items. Be sure to style the space with the appropriately sized furniture. For example, if you have a smaller bedroom, instead of adding a queen or king-sized bed, put in a double or single with bed side tables.
  2. Empty rooms can confuse buyers.
    It’s hard to imagine what will fit in an empty room. For example, in an open plan living, dining & kitchen area that is empty, the buyer will struggle to picture where they will put their couch & dining table, or even if there is room for both! If you have these items in an area the buyer can see what fits in the area. Well placed furniture can showcase your property by taking away your buyer’s confusion and showing them how to use the space best.
  3. Empty rooms can have no emotion.
    You want the buyer to have an emotional connection to your property.


My house already looks great

Selling a property and living a property are two completely different designs. Your home may be wonderfully designed and practical for living but how can buyers attach themselves to the property when they can only see you living here? Your furniture may be distracting them from the features of the property. 

We are selling your house, not your stuff

Selling is not about you

Once you decide to sell, the property becomes a sale item rather than your home. We understand that is a big realization.

Ask yourself ‘Who will buy my property?’ A family? A Couple? Etc. Present your home to best suite your targeted audience 

Think about

  • What are its best features?
  • What are the local facilities? (Schools, cafes/restaurants, shops, public transport)
  • What are buyers looking for in the area? (Bedrooms, home office, media room, outdoor)

If you know what buyers are looking for then you can make the necessary changes to your home.


Most sellers complete the previous steps and think their house is now perfect and, in most ways, it is! But now that your home is de-cluttered, clean and all repaired it leaves you with a bare house. Bland is something we want to avoid. We want to accessories to add warmth and emotion instead of leaving it cold and uninviting.

Create a space that

  • Has a sense of space
  • Feels calm and peaceful
  • Is light filled

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 1.58.00 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 1.58.00 pm.png


Imagine this is the buyers house

  1. Let go of your property emotionally
    We know your home holds many treasured memories and it can be tough to accept that the property will be someone else’s new home. Try focusing on what sales results you want and the start the next chapter of your life.
  2. Move out mentally
  3. View your home in the eyes of a buyer
    Begin to imagine what a buyer will love about your property and how the presentation will affect their visions.
  4. Be objective
    Be prepared to do whatever it takes to present your home absolutely perfectly for buyers. Try rearrange your room layouts that maximise the spaces potential.


A Seller to do list

Whole house

Clean/replace as you need

  • Light Switch Covers
  • Front door
  • Doors and Door Knobs
  • Fireplace
  • Carpets
  • Interior & Exterior Paint
  • Light Bulbs
  • Blinds
  • AC/Heater vents


Dust everything

  • Walls
  • Baseboards
  • Ceiling fans
  • Blinds
  • Windows
  • Ceilings
  • AC intake vents


Make it inviting

  • Rearrange furniture to maximise visual
    floor space
  • Pack up all knick-knacks
  • Prune and nature all house plants
  • Reduce or add house plants to a
    balanced number
  • Remove any furniture that you can live without
  • Have a few decorative books from bookshelves
  • Pack away personal family photos
  • Use an essential oil diffuser for a fresh smelling home

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Renew & Repair

It’s all about profit.

When presenting your property, make sure everything is in perfect working order. Buyers will pay extra for homes that require no work.


Do a maintenance check around the house before listing. Buyers will focus on every detail on the house and will notice the small flaws your property may have. If you can see it, so can everyone else. You don’t want the buyers questioning what else is wrong with the property or talking down the price.

Clean & Crisp

It’s very important your property is spotless! There’s nothing more off putting than going to an open home/inspection to see a dirty house.
Think your house as a display home.
A sparkling home shows the house is well looked after and maintained.


  • Kitchen (appliances & cupboards) 
  • Bathrooms (shower, grout & tiles)
  • Carpets/rugs/floors
  • Couches & other furniture
  • Curtains/blinds
  • Windows – inside and out
  • Light fittings
  • Walls
  • Light switches
  • Fans
  • Eliminate odours
  • Remove pet product
  • Exterior of the house


Kitchen – Clean and clear surfaces38 Cocoanut Point Drive, Sea Spray. Kitchen & breakfast bar. @ Real Estate.jpg

  • Put away all mops, brooms and vacuums
  • Empty the garbage before each showing
  • Remove any pet dishes before showings
  • Organise pantry to look nice and neat
  • Box up any dishes and cooking supplies
  • Scrub/polish the sink
  • Clear all items from kitchen counter tops
  • Clean tile grout, bleach if needed
  • Clean stove, oven and microwave
  • Clean refrigerator of magnets, pictures etc
  • Repair broken or loose corners on bench tops
  • Replace burner pans on the stove if worn


Yard & Garden – Trim and nature38 Cocoanut Point Drive, Sea Spray. Back Yard & Garden shed. @ Real Estate.jpg

  • Prune bushes and plants to look healthy
  • Do not allow shrubs or plants to block windows
  • Weed and remove any dead plants.
  • Put down fresh mulch
  • Keep the lawn freshly mowed and edged
  • Add a few flowers for a splash of colour


Garage – Keep nice and neat

  • Clean and sweep out the garage
  • Keep storage nice and neat
  • Repaint dirty areas
  • Pack anything you can live without


Laundry – Put it all away

38 Cocoanut Point Drive, Sea Spray. Laundry. @ Real Estate Yeppoon.jpg

  • Put soap and supplies in cupboards
  • Use high watt bulbs to make it look brighter
  • Keep floors cleared of clutter and mop regularly
  • Keep all surfaces and sink clean & empty
  • Remove any and all clothing, dirty or clean.


Bedroom – Make your bed and stow your stuff

  • Make beds daily
  • Invest in new bedspreads
  • Clear off bedside tables, dressers etc
  • Store daily necessities in drawers or closets
  • Organise closets to be nice and neat
  • Keep closet doors closed
  • Keep all the floors clear and vacuum regularly
  • Remove all wall décor, other than tasteful art
  • Repair any holes or damage to walls


Bathroom – Clean and bright38 Cocoanut Point Drive, Sea Spray. Main Bathroom. @ Real Estate.jpg

  • Clean any mouldy areas
  • Take off all cloth toilet lids & keep lids closed
  • Hide garbage cans and cleaning supplies
  • Organise cabinets to be nice and neat
  • Clear and clean all surfaces
  • Display a bottle of hand soap or bar soap
  • Purchase new towels if necessary


Living Room & Family Rooms – Objectively Evaluate

  • Keep coffee tables clear
  • Keep furniture at a minimum
  • Any toys should be stored out of sight
  • Use pillows and throws to soften the space


Dining Room – Minimise Furniture

  • Keep dining table clear except for a nice centrepiece
  • Remove extra chairs from the table and dining room


Create a Plan

First impressions are important in creating the buyer’s perception of the property and its value. In today’s world of digital marketing it is vital to have high quality photos and floor plans.

Leading industry experts recommend investing 1% of the value of the home on advertising.

RPP_9806 copy.jpg

Top Dollar By Andrew Winter







The wider spread the marketing, the more buyer interest created

  • 86% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property.
  • 53% of people don’t go past the first page when searching for property online.
  • Premiere Property ads appear at the top of all search results for your suburb & Yeppoon greater region in our ultimate position. On average they receive 20 times more views and 9 times more enquiries than a standard ad.
  • 74% of Australians use two devices simultaneously.
  • There are 14 Million active Australian users on Facebook
  • The average user spends 12.5 hours on Facebook per week



Set to sell in 30 days

If your property is presented, priced and marketed well you could expect the following level of interest in the first 7 days:

  • Internet traffic of 500 hits or more
  • Internet enquires 3
  • 4 Groups through open home
  • 3 Enquires from social media or sign
  • 2 Private inspections

The above results are typical of a property that sells within 30 days of listing.
Generally, the most interest and highest fair market value is achieved when a property is first listed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.00.28 am.png Sold Sign.jpg

Amazing Photos

Scrolling through, or other housing advertising platform, photos really need to stand out and catch attention the attention of the buyer straight away.


Up to 96% of Buyers Buy Online

Out of all houses sold by our team over the last 6 months, 91% of buyers found out about the home online and further more 96% of all @ Real Estate buyer enquiries come from online. The @ Real Estate website is receiving a growing number of hits per property and is quickly catching larger portals such as and A massive 81% of @ Real Estate buyer enquiries come from

All online marketing is easy to bench mark and measure. Meaning that the @ Real Estate team are able to set an expectation as to how many internet hits a property is expected to receive from each website and on Social Media as well as the level of engagements expected. For example, the @ Real Estate sales team expect to receive 400 internet hits per property per week. If a property does not receive 400 hits per week, adjustments need to be made to increase buyer interest. 

Online marketing is flexible and can be quickly changed or updated. For example, if a seller wants to change the price this can be changed on all internet and social media platforms quickly. Likewise, the agent may change the photos around to give the advertising a fresh look.

Online marketing is generally very cost effective, combined with the availability of information and flexibility of online marketing put the seller and agent in control. 

63% of buyers come through an open home and went to purchase the property.


@ Real Estate Database Report Buyer Enquire Source

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Building emotion with a 3D floor plan

3D Floor Plan.jpg

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 2.44.51 pm.png


Signing the Contract

You’re personal @ Real Estate Property Consultant will arrange a standard REIQ contract for all parties to sign and provide you and your solicitor with a fully signed copy. In Queensland you can negotiate to have your contract subject to finance, building and pest inspection, usually 14 days. At this point you will be required to pay a deposit into the agents trust account as well as finalise your finance, organize your building and pest inspection and insurance for the property.

Cooling Off Period

From the day you, the Seller, receives a fully signed contract the five working days cooling off period begins. This gives the buyers the right to terminate the contract for any reason, even an unconditional contract. A penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price may be charged by the you.

Unconditional Contract

This is a contract of sale without any conditions or a contract of sale where all conditions are met. The five-day cooling off period still applies unless all parties agree to a waiver of the cooling off period.

Buying at Auction

Remember that selling at the fall of the hammer on auction day results in a contract of sale without any conditions and without the five-day cooling off period. The buyers finance needs to be fully approved and building and pest inspections carried out prior to auction day.

Compare sold properties

Instead of comparing what’s on the market, compare what has recently sold in your area. You can then see what buyers are willing to pay in your market compared to what owners are wishing for.

To do this check out the sold section on your favourite property site such as,, etc


Finding the sweet spot

When pricing your home, it is crucial you find the ‘sweet spot’ to maximise interest

For example, a listing we recently sold in Inverness. We recommended a list price of $499,000.00. The owners wanted to test the market at $520,000.00. We had 1 group through in 2 weeks. We reduced the price to $499,000.00 and instantly saw an improvement. We had 9 groups through the open home and had it under contract later that week, with other buyers lined up. It was obvious we found the sweet spot.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 3.26.33 pm.png


The digital world

When selling your home, it can be difficult to know where and how you should promote your property. What to do when promoting your property for sale on social media:

  • Share our Facebook post of your property – it has been designed to show the property in the best light, and track results and communicate with potential buyers through comments and messenger. If you have hired a good agent, they should be an expert on marketing your home. You shouldn’t have to do it for them. Just help them spread the word. 
  • Use professional images.
  • Video attracts significantly more interest.
  • Tag people.
  • Ask friends to like and share for you.
  • Ask your agent what you can do to help.


What not to do:

  • If you make up your own post we can’t track the results or communicate with potential buyers as easily.
  • Don’t post about your house for sale multiple times per day.
  • Don’t use too much text. Be short & sweet, to the point.
  • Don’t make it too personal, don’t go into the personal details of your life or talk about memories of the house etc.
  • Don’t bag the area.
  • Don’t complain about the latest crime spree, the loud music, the barking dog next door, the builder or shops closing down etc as it will deter buyers.


Unconditional Contract

Building and Pest Inspection

It is always recommended the buyer obtain a building and pest inspection, so they know exactly what they are buying. This can be carried out up until the unconditional date stated on the contract.


If the buyer is obtaining finance, it is during this time the lender will complete the property valuation and provide unconditional approval for finance. Once all of the conditions on the contract such as the building and pest inspection and finance clauses have been satisfied the contract becomes unconditional.

Things that stay

  • Window furnishings stay
  • Dishwasher
  • Air-conditioning
  • Pool pumps and equipment


Settlement Day

Congratulations!!! Settlement day is generally 30 to 90 days after the contract date, or as agreed to on the contract. This is when the you, the seller, hands over transfer documents and the buyer pays the contract price and takes possession of the keys and property. Time to celebrate!


Feel Free to give the team at @ Real Estate a call anytime
We are always happy to help


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