January 07, 2019

The High-Rise Building That Isn’t Just Eco-Friendly, It’s A Vertical Forest

This is not the only vertical forest by Boeri Studio – there are projects in other countries as well, including Switzerland.
The building cost was €55 million ($86 million).
And yes, it does use a fair bit of water, namely 3500 cubic metres a year.To keep the forest growing, there are two centralised monitoring stations.The high-rise apartment building in Milan, named Vertical Fores. Picture: Boeri Studio
To keep the forest growing, there are two centralised monitoring stations, 280 water...


December 19, 2018

Offers in Writing

Thinking back to the 20 + properties Troy and I have personally bought and sold, it surprises me how almost all of them were verbally negotiated and not put into writing until a price had been agreed on. 

I truly have no idea why other agents negotiated, back and forth verbally. 

Here at @ Real Estate, we have a strict policy that all offers need to be made in writing, heres why;

December 17, 2018

Why The TV Set Could Become Obsolete By 2019

With technology and the Internet changing more rapidly than ever, the fate of the traditional TV set is arguably in limbo. 

Once upon a time, Tuesday nights were known nationally (or at least in this neck of the woods) as "OC Night." Week-on-week, 8:30pm until 9:30pm was blocked out for the most sacred of viewing parties.

Apart from being a good excuse to study Marissa Cooperand Summer Roberts' revolving wardrobe of spaghetti strap dresses and Chanel bags,...


December 10, 2018

Spend Big But Reduce Your Costs

Paying for big ticket items


Your choice on how to pay for these items can impact your future financial state

All of us will go through some momentous events throughout our life time, many of which will cost a small (or large!) fortune. Isn’t it ironic that many of life’s most exciting occasions can be the most stressful and expensive?

Working out the best way to pay for big ticket items such as dream holidays, engagements, weddings, furnishing a home or having a...


December 03, 2018

A Majority of Vendors Sell Below Their Original List Price

This week’s Property Pulse looks at property sales over the past 12 years and compares them to the original advertised price to see if they sell for more, less or the same as that price and whether these trends are changing.

Over the three months to October 2018, more than three quarters (75.4%) of properties that sold transacted for less than their original list price. By comparison, over the same period, 7.0% of properties sold for their originally listed price with...


November 26, 2018

Reduce energy bills

Power prices are in the news, prompting some households to take a fresh look at energy consumption. The good news is there's plenty you can do to lower your bills by changing how and when you use energy, and by shopping around for an energy contract which suits your needs.

This guide is about the choices available to you. Every household situation is different and the changes for each household will be different. The best place to start is by understanding...


November 21, 2018

Local businesses and community get involved in Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance

Eleven representatives from local businesses and the community have expressed their interest to serve on the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance.

Chair of the Alliance, Mayor Bill Ludwig said Council has developed the ‘Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan' to provide direction for the future economic growth and development of the Capricorn Coast region through the creation of partnerships and alliances with government, business, investors and industry to build on existing and new investment opportunities.

“The leadership alliance will oversee...


November 19, 2018

3 Ways To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

Selling a home is just that, selling a home, unless your are targeting an investor, you will be selling your home to someone else who wants it to be their new home. Making it vitally important that you make your house feel like a home, a home that potential buyers can feel at home. Buyers don’t want to feel like they are buying your home, they want to buy their new home. Here are 3 simple tips to turn your...


November 12, 2018

Rental Vacancy Rates

According to the REIQ September Rental Vacancy Report released on the 23rd of October 2018, the Rockhampton region has a residential rental vacancy rate of 2.3%, which is generally considered fairly low. However the @ Real Estate Property Management department currently have No Vacancies. Yes that’s right, all of our properties under management are occupied.  We have noticed a significant increase in tenant enquiry as there appears to be more people moving to the Capricorn Coast, as more jobs in the...


November 06, 2018

7 Weeks till Christmas

Doesn’t time fly when your having fun? Its hard to believe its only 7 weeks until Christmas. This means if you want to be in your new home ready to enjoy Christmas you need to get organised in the next week or two. That means if your looking to buy, you need to make an offer and put a contract on a property in the next couple of weeks. We are hearing from lots of disappointed buyers at the moment,...


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