September 24, 2018

Some common questions our property management team get asked.

  1. How long is a typical lease period?
    The most common lease terms are six or 12 months. However, there is no restriction on how long the lease term can last.
  2. How much rent can I expect for my property per week?
    To deliver a weekly amount rent, the @ Real Estate team will provide an appraisal on your property. Some factors could affect your property’s rental value, including;
    Condition of your property
    Allowing pets
    And more.
  3. Is it possible to...


September 18, 2018

Livingstone Shire set for status change

Livingstone Shire set for status change

A motion sought council approval to proceed with an application to the Local Government Minister to request a name and classification change from Livingstone Shire Council to Capricorn Coast City Council.

Councillors decided to go ahead with the application but to first consult with the community for an appropriate name - with the suggestion of Capricorn Coast City Council as a possible option.

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September 12, 2018

Livingstone Water Tastes Best

Residents in the Livingstone Shire and Capricorn Coast Region will be able to sit back and enjoy their cup of tea knowing that they now officially have the best tasting tap water in Queensland.

Water from Livingstone Shire Council’s Capricorn Coast Scheme was selected as the state’s top drop in the 2017 Ixom Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test as part of the Queensland Water Directorate’s fourth Annual Forum held at the QUU Innovation Centre at Luggage Point on...


September 10, 2018


Moving to a new town can be somewhat different for everyone. It can range from moving to a familiar place you’ve visited, or to a place where your move is the first time you’ve been there. Both of these two moves can be a challenge, for some more challenging than others. Either way, I’m here to give you some tips, to help fit right into your new town and begin the next chapter of your life.

  1. New town. New me? FULL ARTICLE

September 04, 2018

Cryptocurrency behind Great Keppel Island's $300 million resurrection

There was a time when Great Keppel Island was sold as the ideal place to go and "get wrecked", a party island at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. It then faded into disrepair and then into memory.

Now an ambitious cryptocurrency consortium plans to resurrect it as a high-tech wonderland including a luxury resort, private villas and apartments, a golf course, retail outlets and a marina in what is being sold as the world’s largest cryptocurrency-backed property deal.

If all...


August 28, 2018

Mind-bending homes that defy all logic

Mirror Houses, South Tryol, Italy

Although the property isn’t for sale right now, and its value is unconfirmed, you can stay in one of the houses for anywhere from $234 (£178) per night. For sleeping in a building of such high contemporary architecture standards, we’d say that’s a bargain.


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August 21, 2018

Here are answers to some commonly posed questions on property management.

1. What is the typical lease period?
The most common lease terms are six or 12 months. However, there is no restriction on the lease term you can offer. A 12-month lease allows you to build a more stable relationship with your tenants, which may encourage them extend the lease. Many may shy away from longer leases that lock them into a contract.
2. What weekly rental income can I expect from my property?
It is not possible...


August 13, 2018

Keppel Bay Sailing Club Convention and Sporting Hub

Keppel Bay Sailing Club has recently announced their visionary plan to develop a sporting, tourism and events hub in Yeppoon. The proposed Keppel Bay Convention and Sporting Hub could include a 1,000+ seat Convention Centre, accommodation, retail, as well as support facilities and services.

David Ware, Keppel Bay Sailing Club’s Commodore said “The Keppel Bay Convention and Sporting Hub would transform the tourism offer in Yeppoon and enable a major growth in sports tourism through KBSC’s sailing operations but also other...


August 06, 2018

10 insane rooms that will make you green with envy

OKAY, so money can’t by me love but it can go a long way to purchasing ridiculous real estate. The mega mansions of Australia’s wealthiest homeowners don’t just have impressive addresses and fancy finishes, they are now packed with crazy perks from dreamy dressing rooms to outdoor barbecue bars with the lot and very mindful yoga rooms.

We’ve gathered 10 of the most insane rooms in the land where money is obviously no barrier and the best part is; they are...


July 31, 2018

'Hurry up and build it': Queensland town's surfing community gears up for prototype wave pool

Central Queensland is not famed for its great surf, but that could change with the creation of a wave pool at a man-made, inland lake that could produce world-first 2.4 metre waves.

The prototype wave pool near Yeppoon was kept under wraps during its construction over the past year, and now the company behind it, Surf Lakes, is preparing to start testing the final product next month.

The company's chief executive, Aaron Trevis, said it would be a global achievement to achieve...


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