March 10, 2020

What is a Corporate Rental?

A corporate rental is a property rented to a company rather than an individual, such a property would be fully furnished and may offer some of the amenities and services of a hotel, to cater to a company's employees travelling to the Capricorn Coast. The company leasing the property is responsible for the lease, however, the lease period my very from a standard 6 or 12-month lease, (lease periods run from 3 months) and can run long term, depending...


March 05, 2020

Property market update: Autumn selling season kicks off with high clearance rates

Autumn selling season is off to a strong start, Australia proves to have some of the most expensive house prices in the world. 

How do Australian house prices compare to the rest of the world?

A group of economists at the European Commission looked at house prices across the world, and a little like Eurovision, Australia was included in its analysis.

No surprises that Australia nearly tops the list on a house price per square metre basis at more than 5,000 euros per...


March 03, 2020


Whether it is for your indoor areas or your outdoor settings, the ‘beachy' chic look is not only a strong and continuing trend; it is also ideal for our Australian way of living. At its heart, our coastal look embraces, celebrates and evokes the surrounding natural environment of our coast and beaches. 

But how exactly do you define and fashion your own unique interpretation of an Australian beach style home? Following is a breakdown on the various interpretations of ‘coastal style’...


February 27, 2020

Residential building works double on the Capricorn Coast!

Building approvals in the Livingstone Shire Council region have more than doubled from the previous year, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Earlier this month, the ABS reported that the Livingstone Shire recorded $81.8 million of building approvals across 2019, a $40 million increase from 2018.

2015 was the last time building approvals were above the $80 million mark, indicating the ongoing appeal for townships along the Capricorn Coast and rural areas north and east of Rockhampton.

It is...


February 25, 2020


Dulux Australia has recently revealed their take on 2020 colors under the, again, wonderful art direction of Bree Leech. This is probably the biggest Colour Trend Forecast we share of a painting company.

The leitmotiv of next years’ Color Forecast is ESSENCE, which focuses on our collective search for those things that bring us happiness. The complexity of our everyday life, layered with digital streams of information, puts us on a constant high alert. As individuals, we need to go back to...


February 20, 2020

Hello Home Office

Creating a productive and inspiring work space in your home can be tricky. Not getting distracted by household chores and other things can certainly be a challenge, but by generating a space that clears your mind and allows you to focus is important. We have put together some style ideas to help transform any space into a home office for you, where you can do you best work and feel calm at the same time no matter what the job...


February 11, 2020

How to add value to your home

The best way you can add value to your home and help it to sell faster is to
create a good first impression, and help buyers build an emotional
connection to your home and set your home apart from the rest. Possibly
the easiest and most cost effective thing you can do is spend some time in
the garden.

The @ Real Estate team loving gardening, did you know gardening is actually
the most popular hobby in...


February 06, 2020

How to assess where the property market is headed

Whether you are selling a property or buying one, it is vital that you understand longterm and recent history of the real estate market, its current state and, finally, where it is headed in the near future. Understanding where the property market is headed can make a difference of thousands if not tens-of-thousands of dollars to your result as a vendor or buyer. Regardless of whether or not you are ready to buy or sell,...


January 21, 2020

Investors Returning

The @ Real Estate team are seeing a return of property investors to the local Capricorn Coast market.  Over the last 6 months 31% of all @ Real Estate buyers have been investors.  This is simply due to rising rents making returns more attractive, with promising signs of an improving property market combined with our natural beauty and charm of course.

For example in 2017 the average rent for a home...


January 16, 2020

Property Market Balancing Act

While the Capricorn Coast property market is finally stable and showing promising signs for the future, the market is still finding a balance among some sectors. In 2016 there were just over 1800 properties for sale, now in 2020 there are just over 1150 properties for sale, that’s about a 36% decrease in stock available on the market in 4 years. A reduction in stock is a great sign of an improving market, and a...


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