November 19, 2018

3 Ways To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

Selling a home is just that, selling a home, unless your are targeting an investor, you will be selling your home to someone else who wants it to be their new home. Making it vitally important that you make your house feel like a home, a home that potential buyers can feel at home. Buyers don’t want to feel like they are buying your home, they want to buy their new home. Here are 3 simple tips to turn your...


November 12, 2018

Rental Vacancy Rates

According to the REIQ September Rental Vacancy Report released on the 23rd of October 2018, the Rockhampton region has a residential rental vacancy rate of 2.3%, which is generally considered fairly low. However the @ Real Estate Property Management department currently have No Vacancies. Yes that’s right, all of our properties under management are occupied.  We have noticed a significant increase in tenant enquiry as there appears to be more people moving to the Capricorn Coast, as more jobs in the...


November 06, 2018

7 Weeks till Christmas

Doesn’t time fly when your having fun? Its hard to believe its only 7 weeks until Christmas. This means if you want to be in your new home ready to enjoy Christmas you need to get organised in the next week or two. That means if your looking to buy, you need to make an offer and put a contract on a property in the next couple of weeks. We are hearing from lots of disappointed buyers at the moment,...


October 22, 2018

Great Keppel Island Resort Sale Update

Capricorn Enterprise sincerely welcomes Isabella and CK Wei and their business partners from Wei Chao Pty Ltd to our beautiful Great Keppel Island and Capricorn Coast on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

They truly love the natural beauty of Great Keppel Island and have many times expressed what a magical place it is, citing also their keen desire to work with local businesses and the local community every step of the way.

In mid September, Pat O’Driscoll (Knight Frank) and Mary Carroll...


October 17, 2018

Selling the Home of a Deceased Relative

Losing a close relative or friend is always a traumatic event to endure, and dealing with the deceased?s estate ? although a necessity ? can add to your suffering. Whether you have been bequeathed a property yourself or made responsible for its sale, you may need to sell it on quickly and for the best price possible. There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure the whole process is as quick and painless as possible.

Get the...


October 10, 2018

Best regional QLD areas for property investment

Thinking of investing in the regional Queensland property market?

You'd be forgiven for being cautious, given the travails of mining towns in the state, where headlines as recently as 2016 screamed: 'Property investors lose 50pc in QLD mining towns' and worse.

Fast forward two and a bit years and there is optimism in the tropical air, as headlines speak for themselves: 'Regional QLD property markets back in business with buyers'. Back in business indeed, with a host of regional...


October 08, 2018

Do you know who this is?

From humble beginnings in 1968, with just one valuer and one secretary, in a room under a house in Rockhampton, founder Kerry Herron went on to build a valuation practice with a simple vision to provide independent, professional property valuation services to rural clients for an agreed fee.

Now, 50 years later, Herron Todd White has expanded to include more than 850 staff across 64 offices throughout Australia.

Read their full story here


September 24, 2018

Some common questions our property management team get asked.

  1. How long is a typical lease period?
    The most common lease terms are six or 12 months. However, there is no restriction on how long the lease term can last.
  2. How much rent can I expect for my property per week?
    To deliver a weekly amount rent, the @ Real Estate team will provide an appraisal on your property. Some factors could affect your property’s rental value, including;
    Condition of your property
    Allowing pets
    And more.
  3. Is it possible to...


September 18, 2018

Livingstone Shire set for status change

Livingstone Shire set for status change

A motion sought council approval to proceed with an application to the Local Government Minister to request a name and classification change from Livingstone Shire Council to Capricorn Coast City Council.

Councillors decided to go ahead with the application but to first consult with the community for an appropriate name - with the suggestion of Capricorn Coast City Council as a possible option.

Vote here


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