May 21, 2020

21 Reasons Why The Capricorn Coast is the Greatest Place To Live

The @ Real Estate locals absolutely love the Capricorn Coast and are not surprised that around 1,000 people make the move to paradise every year. These Real Estate professionals are on the ground working closely with buyers and tenants as they make their new home on the Capricorn Coast. Obviously, people are attracted to the area for growing employment opportunities as the resource sector grows from strength to strength and the number of major projects currently underway such as the $43 Billion dollar upgrade to the Shoal water Bay defence training facility. There’s much more to it then just promising employment opportunities, it's our relaxed beach lifestyle. Below are 21 reasons why the Capricorn Coast is the greatest place to live according to the locals;

1                 Climate

2                 Islands

3                 reef

4                 Beaches – as far north as you can go and swim all year round, beautiful beaches

5                 National parks

6                 4 wheel driving

7                 Fishing, boating, water sports

8                 Lagoon

9                 Kraken Water Park

10              Street art

11              Playgrounds

12              Sporting facilities

13              The pathway from Farnbough beach to Mulumbin and Pineapple trail

14              Anzac memorial

15              Community – relaxed friendly

16              Great schools and uni close by

17              Affordable real estate – compare our average price to that of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

18              A growing economy, bright future ahead

19              Abundance of Parks

20              Beachside Cafes

21              Award-winning water quality