February 20, 2020

Hello Home Office

Creating a productive and inspiring work space in your home can be tricky. Not getting distracted by household chores and other things can certainly be a challenge, but by generating a space that clears your mind and allows you to focus is important. We have put together some style ideas to help transform any space into a home office for you, where you can do you best work and feel calm at the same time no matter what the job entails. 


If you can get the right desk space for you, this will make all the difference. If you are working creatively, the more space the better. It helps you to visualise and put ideas together right in front of you. Desks with storage can be useful too, if it is drawers or shelves, you can store important paperwork or other office essentials. 


Be it a natural wooden desk or an array of greenery, keeping things fresh and organic help you to maintain focus. Plants provide oxygen and look good too, being by an open window and letting lots of sunlight come through will aid their health not to mention your own. Hanging baskets are a great way to keep any clutter off your desk space or a large pot plant on the floor works just as well. 


Sheepskin rugs make the perfect back cushion for those long hours at your desk, or a well structured office chair will make the days hunched over your computer less painful - literally! A thick comfy rug underfoot is pleasant too, bringing some different types of textures in helps it feel more homely and relaxed without taking away from your working time. 


The less fuss, the better. You are at work after all. Clean lines, block art and simple lighting will make a big difference to the mood of a space. No need for mess or clutter, it is about understanding what your home office essentials are and what ends up only distracting you. Your'e the boss.


By Interiors Online Posted on | 09 January 2020