September 10, 2017

So Beautiful It Sells its Self?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Helen a gray nomad (in her words) that has been traveling all around Australia. While chatting to Helen she asked, 'What do you do for a living?' As we often do when meeting a new person. I said "I'm a real estate agent" too which she replied "This place is so beautiful, house must just sell themselves" Of course I had to agree, at least with the first part.

What a great reminder of how lucky we are. I remember the first time I drove into Yeppoon and Emu Park as a tourist about 10 years ago. I feel I love with it instantly and brought some property that day. I couldn't believe how beautiful, yet affordable property was. While I am normally the first to say how lucky we are to be sourounded by such amazing natural beauty, friendly people and perfect climate it is a wonderful feeling to hear it this from someone coming to the area who has been traveling around Australia. This made me wonder, how excited would I have been if I had of driven into Yeppoon for the first time now? So much has changed and the Capricorn Coast is hive of activity.