March 23, 2017

Selling your home on social media

Natalie Gesler (a sales agent) was recently asked by a curious vendor “Have you ever actually sold a property of Facebook?” The answer might surprise you. Yes, Natalie has, maybe a few. To be honest the success of @ Real Estate Yeppoon's social media marketing has even surprised Natalie. Natalie was actually able to contact a buyer who had given her a wrong number at an open home on Facebook, they replied saying they would like to make an offer, after some negotiating they bought the house. @ Real Estate Yeppoon have also had several of our buyers who are now happy home owners attend open homes they found out about from social media.
@ Real Estate Yeppoon work hard to expose their listings to as many buyers as possible and just one of the ways they do that is on social media, they use a verity of platforms for different demographics including Facebook, LinkedIn, google+, twitter and Instagram. The team @ Real Estate Yeppoon are dedicated to not just collecting followers but post engaging topics to their medias for more interaction. @ Real Estate Yeppoon stay in touch with all clients and contacts. If you are thinking about selling, make sure your agent is marketing your home in 2017 not 1997.