Yeppoon trends as a top town in national "Move to more" Campaign

The regional Australian Institute (RAI) Move to More campaign is in full swing and celebrates all the best things about living in regional Australia, with tv and radio advertisements, billboards, and social media having the potential to reach millions of residents in capital cities. To date, research shows larger regional centers such as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have been the most popular destinations for metro movers moving to regional Australia.

In an exciting development for our region, however, Yeppoon has been one of the top 5 towns researched of the 1700+ individual town and city padges since the launch of the website. Capricorn enterprises CEO, Mary Carroll, Believes that our emerging destination has come of age and is really shining as an ideal place to live, work, and holiday. Mary said "Choosing a place to live is one of the most important decisions we make in life and can affect our overall happiness and wellbeing. We know this is why living in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast or in its hinterland, will inevitably change your life, because aside from the incredible lifestyle offerings available, Local industry is stronger than ever with a multitude of employment opportunities been recruited".

The RAI's regional jobs vacancy figures have seen yet a further rise, with a new record of 69,300 job vacancies across regional Australia in May 2021. Yeppoon and the wider Central Queensland region also have a multitude of job Vacancies waiting for you to make the Move to More. 

Capricorn Enterprise has recently launched the Live Capricorn Coast website - and Work in Central Queensland website - providing valuable information for those relocating to the region. 


Live Capricorn Coast     6th July 2021     


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