A study to bring Causeway Lake back to life

Work is underway to see if Causeway lake can be brought back to its former glory. Livingston Shire Mayer Andy Irelalnd says the lake was a popular recreational area where people went paddle boarding, water skiing, canoeing, swimming, and fishing. ''progressively over the years now, the lake has stilled up" Mr. Ireland says, adding locals have asked the council to do something about it. 

A $300,000 feasibility study is now underway to develop a business case. Mr. Ireland says the study objectives are to determine the feasibility of dredging the Causeway Lake in a way that considers life-cycle-cost-effectiveness, environmental factors sustainability, and mitigates risks. We have approximated that there are about 500,000 tonnes of sediment that could potentially be removed. 

"The big question is what do you do with it and what sort of enviremantly impact does that have on the lake and surrounding areas.'' Council will announce study results as soon as they become available. The study is expected to be expected by October 2021. 


14th April 2021   990 4R0 am  The talk of Central Queensland     


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