Rockwood Weir Project

About the Project

Rookwood Weir is a landmark project that will capture valuable water in the lower Fitzroy River for use across the region.

The project comprises two key components:

  1. constructing the weir
  2. enabling works that will upgrade existing infrastructure to support both the construction of the weir and its operation, which includes:
    • upgrading and widening 16.2 kilometers (km) of Thirsty Creek Road
    • installing a new intersection on the Capricorn Highway and upgrading Second Street and Third Street through to the railway crossing at Gogango
    • building a 21-meter (m) high, 260m long bridge at Riverslea to replace the existing crossing and up to 300m of new road on the approaches to the bridge, connecting to the existing road

Building Rookwood Weir will:

  • provide water security
  • boost the regional economy
  • create jobs during construction
  • grow and diversify industry and agriculture
  • allow for the buying and selling of water.

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