Coastal Centres fast becoming a hotspot for metro movers

Capricorn Enterprise, as a member of the Regional Australia Alliance (RAA), formed by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), was eager to see the release of powerful new research this week, showing that one in five metropolitan residents are currently considering the move to regional Queensland.

Underpinning a multi-million-dollar, multi-platform national awareness campaign that the RAI and Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Michael McCormack will launch next month at the National ‘Regions Rising’ Summit in Canberra, the research will aim to inform potential movers about the great opportunities to live, work and invest in Regional Australia.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll looks forward to hearing more at this national conversation in March, which will link all levels of government, business, and the community sector in a collaborative future-focused discussion on the regionalization of our nation.

Drawn to larger crowd-free spaces and greater connections to nature, along with a more relaxed lifestyle, more than 69 percent surveyed claimed that reducing general stress and anxiety was a major driver for considering life outside capital cities.

Aside from offering a comfortable, non-congested, and laid-back lifestyles, local areas such as the Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton, and townships within the Central Queensland Highlands, are also major economic powerhouses, with more than $4.6-billion-dollars of major projects underway, resulting in an abundance of varied career opportunities for both sea and tree changers searching for an escape from bustling capital cities.

Ideally positioned between the mining and agricultural growth of the Central Highlands and the world‐famous Southern Great Barrier Reef, the region offers a diversity of experiences, opportunities, and events, with a resident population of around 120,000 and over 2,000,000 visitors per annum (2019).

Despite those surveyed identifying concerns about limited job opportunities as the biggest barrier to making the move, Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll believes that our region provides the ideal balance of lifestyle, career, health, and education opportunities.

“The Capricorn footprint in Central Queensland is one of the fastest-growing areas outside the southeast corner and the enviable destination for many residents already calling the region home,” Mary said.

“Choosing a place to live is the single most important decision we make in life, and it is one essential decision that has an impact of everything – from our career and bank accounts to the people we meet, relationships we forge, and where we send our kids to school, not to mention our overall happiness and wellbeing.”

For those dreaming of limited traffic congestion and a reduced cost of living, larger coastal centres were the most popular location for potential metro movers, however, inland towns held their own against those on the coast, with one-third of respondents indicating an interest in both.

“The diversity of our landscape, whether it’s the crowd-free beaches or nearby islands, leafy suburbs, national parks, country acreage or colorful urban streetscapes, offers an inclusive, safe and secure community where businesses, residents and their families can enjoy superior services and lifestyle offerings,” Mary said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic significantly raising the desire for 22 percent of urban dwellers to move to Regional Australia, more than half of those surveyed said they were already considering relocation to a calmer lifestyle before the global contagion set in.

“With the pandemic increasing metropolitan claustrophobia, our destination not only witnessed an influx of holidaymakers chasing a break, but the ongoing demand for more housing has also increased, showing that more out-of-towners are looking to drop anchor here,” Mary said.

“The research released by RAI today outlines a world of opportunity that us locals are already aware of,” Mary said. “Our ever-growing, vibrant and welcoming communities offer everything needed to provide a consistently great mix of lifestyle options without compromising on quality employment opportunities or housing choices.”

Over the coming months, Capricorn Enterprise will be launching a new website, showcasing the many reasons why choosing our way of life, will inevitably change your life.

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CAPRICORN ENTERPRISE   Posted on February 24th, 2021    

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