Great news for Capricorn Coast Home Owners

Great News for homeowners on the Capricorn Coast, as the property market is remaining stable and showing promising signs for the future, despite COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty the pandemic has coursed across the globe. In 2016 there were just over 1800 properties (that’s houses, units and land) for sale across the Capricorn Coast, now in July 2020 there are only approximately 1038 properties for sale, that’s a massive 40% decrease in the number of properties available for sale over just a 4 year period. This is an excellent indication of a strong and prospers property market.

Previously there was a ceiling, or a limit as to how much prices could improve by, as the Capricorn Coast market had an oversupply of land for several years. Traditionally, as long as there is plenty of land available, home buyers will only pay up to the same amount for an established home as they could potentially build a new home for, creating a ceiling on the prices of established home or existing stock, until the surplus stock is sold. Interestingly we are witnessing a change in the tide with a massive 43% increase the number of land sales in the first half of 2020 being 73 vacant allotments sold compared to 41 allotments the same time in 2019.  

Another interesting statistic to watch is the housing approval numbers for the Livingstone Shire Council area, as they had been steadily decreasing from 270 in financial year 2015/16 down to 114 in 2018/19. However, the year 2019/20 recorded 163 housing approvals. Not only is this a good sign that the oversupply of land is a thing of the past and the market has and returned to balance, but it is also a great sign for our local economy and construction jobs.

While the @ Real Estate Sales Team noticed this trend starting about 12 months ago, land sales have increased with the announcement of government grants of up to $45 000 for first homeowners to build. All in all the @ Real Estate team are excited about the second half of 2020 and are looking forward to an improving Capricorn Coast property market.

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