Your property is usually just one in a very long list of properties a buyer will see, so it’s crucial that they see it in the best possible light.  The presentation of a property will have a direct impact on its saleability.  Your personal Property Consultant will be able to make suggestions and provide guidance to ensure your property is presented in the best light possible.

Click the link below for the printable version of the check list to prepare your home for an inspection.



□ Clean out and declutter, the less stuff in you home the bigger and cleaner it will appear

□ Clean kitchen benches, storage and appliances inside and out

□ Put away personal items including family photos

□ Clean bathroom including, consider re caulking if needed

□ Clean light fittings and check and replace light bulbs 

□ Clean walls, skirting, light switches, furniture and remove cobwebs, hand prints, dust etc.

□ Clean windows and wash window furnishings

□ Clean mirrors

□ Clean carpets and polish timber floors


□ Mow the lawn

□ Trim overgrown shrubbery

□ Weed gardens and lawn

□ Mulch gardens

□ Presser clean exterior of home, sheds, paths and driveways etc.

□ Clean pool and sheds etc.


First impressions count, buyers are not just buying your home but also your location;

□ If any neighboring properties have over grown lawn, consider offering to mow it yourself or contact council with the address of the property and they will have it mowed. 

□ Are street signs clearly visible and in good order.

□ Do you have unwanted pests such as mosquitoes or a barking dog next door, consider talking to your neighbors or contact council.

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□ Check your home for any safety hazards and rectify them.

Day of Inspection / Open Home or Photo Shoot

□ Quick clean, ensure kitchen, bathrooms and floors are spotless

□ Secure Valuables, including tech devices, prescription drugs, weapons, bills, keys, jewelry etc.

□ Climate control - open windows or turn on air conditioning or light a fire depending on the weather

□ Empty bins

□ Remove pets and their belongings

□ Remove personal items from bathroom

□ Make sure toilet seat is down

□ Make beds

□ Put toys away

□ Remove blankets and cleaning equipment from pool

□ Remove hanging tea towels in kitchen

□ Neatly arrange new towels in bathroom

□ If you have built in media system turn it on

□ Fluff pillows and cushions

□ Open blinds and curtains

□ Turn on lights

□ Burn a scented candle or make some coffee

□ Hide dirty laundry—take it with you in the car if you have to

□ Display fresh flowers or fresh fruit in the kitchen

□ Remove cars, trailers, boats and caravans from law, driveways and nature strip


The camera will pick up anything out of place or a different colour, making it important to remove shampoo bottles from shower, tea towels and magnets from fridges.

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