We are proud to be the new kids on the block, and we are keen to change the face of real estate services on the Capricorn Coast.  The team at @ Real Estate prides its self on combining modern technology with old fashioned service to provide the best possible results to our clients.  This is just one example of our commitment.

In 2017 why should vendors pay thousands and thousands of dollars for marketing in old methods that are no longer effective? These old fashioned advertising methods are simply not effective in the modern real estate market.  We are excited to tell you we are still getting the same attendance rate at open homes and buyer enquire numbers as we were for properties advertised in the News Paper, as we are for properties not advertised in the News Paper.  Trust me when I say, save your money and spend it on amazing photos and strong on line marketing, it is bucket loads cheaper and more effective. 

We all shop differently now compared to 20 years ago.  So shouldn’t the way you shop for property be tailored for the modern consumer?  A great example of this, is about 12 months ago I bought a new car, the way I shopped for this was very different from when I bought my first new car almost 20 years earlier.  Previously when I bought the car almost 20 years ago, I went to every car yard that sold a car in my price range, I then listened to a salesman talk about it for 15 minutes or more, then would take it for a test drive.  I must of test drove 10 cars before finally choosing one and spend hours listen to car sales man.

When I bought my last car, I looked at a few online reviews, narrowed it down to two cars I could see myself driving, and went to the manufactures websites and compared the specifications, and decided I was going to buy a ford.  I call my local ford dealer and asked if they had any in stock? To which they replied “Yes we have a red one”, I was always told red cars go faster, so I was happy with a red car.  I then made a time to test drive the car, just to be sure it was going to live up to my expectation, and bought the car.

This is similar to how buyers shop for property now.  We are all busy and don’t want drive around town with a real estate agent banging on in our ears for hours.  Our (you and I the consumer) time is precious and we want to make the most of it.  If we can look something up on line and find out the required information, we will.  As such, it is important properties are marketed professionally online, with useful information including quality photos that show the property in its best light, floor plans and other information for buyers to compare.

The team at @ Real Estate prides its self on being open, honest and up front, after all we are part of the community and we want to have a successful business for many years to come, and we all want to be able to sleep at night with our hands on our hearts knowing we have done everything we can to help our clients.  As such I refuse to waste vendors marketing money on old fashioned media.

If you want to buy or sell your home in 2017, not 1955 contact Natalie and Jodi our sales experts today.

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