Before it rains

  • Ensure all drains and gutters are clear so water can flow away quickly
  • Mow lawns and trim hedges so they don't get out of control
  • Make sue you bring anything inside that is not weather proof.

While it's raining

  • Leave fans / air conditioning running
  • Put a bowl of raw rice out, this will help soak up the moisture in the air
  • Use the clothes dryer
  • Monitor pool water, may need to empty some water out
  • Follow CQ flood updates and Livingstone Shire Council Facebook pages for road closures and warning updates
  • Monitor the weather on B.O.M

When the sun comes out

  • Open every window and let the fresh air in
  • You may need to mow again
  • Catch up on washing
  • It might sound harsh but bleach is great to remove mould

Stay safe

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