To maximise your return, and ensure a good tenant be attracted to your home, each property must be presented and maintained in the best possible manner.

One of the biggest complaints that tenants have with a rental property is its state of repair. We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. We require tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing.

As a Land Lord You can expect:

  • We will not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law.
  • We will contract a tradesperson within a timely manner for non-urgent repair requests.
  • We will attend to any urgent repair requests immediately.
  • We will only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.

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