Open Homes A massive 48% of all of our buyers come through open homes, demonstrating the importance of a well promoted and presented open home when it comes to successfully selling your home for more. With almost half of all buyers are coming from open homes, Natalie the Principle of @ Real Estate says “A well-presented, promoted and attended open home is the most common path to the highest possible sales price as it creates a sense of urgency and competition among buyers.”  Natalie and her team are dedicated to top quality, efficient marketing that works, which is why the team @ Real Estate are meticulous about surveying clients, measuring marketing results and keep updated records to track results, which of course includes buyers to open homes.

The team @ Real Estate want buyers to enjoy the experience of buying a home and believe it’s the little things that make all the difference, such as pointer and time signs to make finding open homes easy, bottled water, to keep buyers cool on a warm day, and buyer’s information packs providing answers to typical questions such as how much are the rates, what size is the land, house plans where possible, and information on additional extras such as pools, or bores etc. 

As Natalie has personal bought and sold over 20 properties she also had plenty of practice preparing a home for an open for inspection, and happily shares her vast experience with her clients to ensure a smooth open home. “Once again, it’s the little things, such as discussing how the presentation can be improved at the listing consultation, providing vendors with open home check lists, providing vendors with plenty of notice for open homes, and a reminder call a day or two before hand, and good feedback.” 

48% of all buyers coming to open homes, highlights the importance of a successful open home as part of the sales process. To find out more about preparing your home for sale contact @ Real Estate today.

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