Moving or buying in a new area can not only be exciting, but can sometimes be scary. Below we answer 7 of the most common questions asked by new residence;

 1. Is it safe to swim at the beach?
The short answer is most locals will swim all year round. Like all beaches it is recommended that you swim between the flags.

2. Are there sand flies / midges / mosquitos?
Once again the short answer is they don’t really bother locals. Sure as with any coastal area, there might be a few after rain, but generally nothing a fly screen or some spray wont fix. Generally the coastal breeze keeps them at bay.

3. Are there water restrictions?
No. Welcome to the tropics. Yeppoon and Emu Park get beautiful water from Water Park Creek, and as a back up there is a pipeline from the Fitzroy River which has the second largest catchment area in the country.

4. Is there NBN access?
Most built up areas on the Capricorn Coast now have NBN

5. Is it an issue living in an area that may get a Cyclone?
It helps to remember, its rear for a cyclone to hit the Capricorn Coast and we generally have plenty of notice to get prepared. It helps that newer homes are built to be cyclone rated and after Cyclone Marica most older homes that required improvements have been updated. The most common complaint from locals is living without power for a couple of days after the cyclone. Being prepared and living a close community defiantly help.

6. Does the Capricorn coast flood? 
While the Fitzroy is known to flood, residential areas on the Capricorn Coast is mostly unaffected.

7. What are the good and bad areas?
Generally speaking the whole Capricorn Coast has a good community feel and has low crime etc. However like all towns some areas will have some more expensive homes and some more affordable options.

8. Is there much traffic?
There are a couple of peek traffic times to be aware of, 8:15am to 8:25am on school days some main though a fairs to larger schools will be a little busier and you may need to wait for a couple of minutes. If its perfect fishing weather, you might have to walk 40m in stead of 10m from your car / boat to the bait and tackle shop or wait inline at the bottle shop for a couple of minutes. In the event surf’s up on a public holiday, you might need to wait for a couple of vehicles and front to get down the Farmborough beach access, but traffic flows once you are on the beach.  Seriously the traffic flows well, and everyone is very relaxed.  In short if you are running late to work, don’t tell your boss you were stuck in traffic, they won’t believe you.

Hope this answers some of your questions about moving to the beautiful Capricorn Coast. Please let us know what other questions you have, or if there is anything else we can do to help you settle in?

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