LIVINGSTONE Shire mayor Bill Ludwig was pleased hear of Tower Holdings' announcing their intention to sell the hotel and marina components of their Great Keppel Island development.

Cr Ludwig has become progressively impatient over the 10 years since the Sydney-based property developers unceremoniously closed the GKI main resort

Last October, he called out Tower saying they had been given every support and encouragement from council and the community and now was the time for them to either get on with the job of redeveloping their site or to hand back their lease and let somebody else do it.

With Tower finally showing their cards on Thursday, the mayor was happy on behalf of the community to see movement on the development but determined to see action sooner rather than later.

"This is going to be more of a positive than anything else, people are going to be very relieved to know what's happening, it's just a pity it's taken this long to get to this point," Cr Ludwig said.

He said this is a matter the State Government must ultimately determine.

"We would be delighted if the State Government was pragmatic in facilitating an outcome that allowed the project to get underway as quickly as possible," Cr Ludwig said.

"Obviously we would also want Tower, in the interim, to get on with the demolition which will pave the way for any possible sale that they might be considering.

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Source - The Morning Bulletin

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