Sure as a seller you expect you are engaging a professional sales agent to market your home and negotiate the best price. But a good agent knows there really is so much more to selling a property. A good agent will follow though on the little things and work hard to ensure a win win situation for everyone. 

A building and pest inspection is just one potential situation that can turn a hot buyer off and potentially back out of the deal. The key to keeping everything moving smoothly though to settlement is a combination of pre emptying potential issues and honesty. A good agent will work hard to keep a deal together.

It all starts with being honest with you, the seller and may even suggest fixing any high risk areas on the property before marketing the property. Honesty is also the best policy when it comes to dealing with buyers, so they are fully aware of what they are buying, which may include information or issues the seller has disclosed and history of the property etc. 

Finally a good agent (or someone from their team) will attend the building and pest inspection to ensure they are able to pre empt any issues. This also helps the agent to build a good relationship with the inspectors and promote open communication. As well as encouraging the buyer to talk to the building and pest inspector so they receive an accurate overview of the property. A professional sales agent will follow up with all parties and keep everyone up to date with progress during the sales process work towards a smooth settlement. 

Natalie Gesler - @ Real Estate

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