An epic table centrepiece can lift a room by providing a focal point, adding colour, or accenting features.

“Table centrepieces are a great way to add character and individual personality into your home,” says Camilla Molders, interior designer and decorator. She is speaking of both temporary installations for an event and more enduring arrangements for a coffee or side table.

Here are five ways you can create an epic centrepiece for your table.

1. Go wild with flowers & foliage

From a humble bouquet through to elaborate floral fantasies, flowers are a natural fit for centrepieces.

You don’t need to spend a cent. “Go raid your garden,” suggests Kathleen O’Brien, florist and floral designer at Flower Dayz. “Or knock on your neighbour’s door.”

Feature foliage with robust leaves as well as flowers. “Camellias, magnolias, tropical foliage, and hardy ferns are ideal,” says Kathleen, suggesting floral spray paint as a way to add a touch of glamour to the greenery.

Elaborate floral centrepieces are within reach of non-professional centrepiece creators. Kathleen suggests first ‘framing’ the creation by putting the highest flowers and widest foliage into Oasis floral foam.

2. Allow light to shine within your centrepiece

Candles are a timeless centrepiece option, harking back to days when they were an essential source of light. The wick doesn’t need to be lit to have effect but, if you do plan to light them, put safety first. “Be mindful of the distance from flowers to flame,” says Kathleen. “Or use artificial candles instead.”

For an alternative flame-free option, try strings of fairy lights shining luminously through clear glass. Think of items you might already have – vases, wine glasses or mason jars.

3. Work with the elements for an outdoor centrepiece

“Candles in vases never fail to disappoint,” says Camilla, speaking of a good way to shelter candles that are part of an outdoor table centrepiece. Or try cute battery-operated lamps.

“Flowers in outdoor vases don’t last well,” says Camilla. Instead, try potted flowers or plants. “Succulents are so on trend,” says Kathleen.

4. Plan ahead for seasonal centrepieces

If you are inspired by the recent festive season, bookmark the easy elegance of this do-it-yourself Christmas centrepiece.

Or, discover how to create stunning native floral centrepieces to use as table garlands.

5. Collate or create ceramic centrepieces

Ceramic pieces can be a gorgeous starting point for an epic centrepiece. Dust off ornaments or souvenirs to create a quirky centrepiece that will provide a talking-point as well as a focal-point. “I like to use varying shapes and sizes to create interesting vignettes,” says Camilla.

Or, jump on board the trend of pottery classes in order to create your own. There will never be any question that your centrepiece is truly original!

Over to your centrepiece creativity

Don’t be afraid to try something different. “Have fun with it,” says Kathleen. Camilla agrees: “Totally! There is no right or wrong. Centrepieces are a great way to use your imagination.”

Source: Vivienne Pearson 

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