Owning a vacant block of land can be a financial drain, with many expenses such as rates, maintenance services like mowing and maybe even a mortgage, whilst getting nothing in return.  As a land owner you may find yourself wondering if the value will ever go up, should I sell, or build?

Unfortunately, in the current market land tents to take some time to sell on the Capricorn Coast.
Click here to the land that has sold for over $200 000 on the Capricorn Coast. 

There are currently 543 vacant allotments for sale on the Capricorn Coast. 278 of those are priced over $200 000. Meaning competition for land is very high. If you’re going to sell your land it will need to stand out from the rest and represent great value to prospective buyers looking.
Click here to the housing approval numbers, giving a good indication with what’s going on with land.

@ Real Estate have sold blocks quickly and for good money. All these properties had some things in common;

  • Amazing views or outlooks
  • Priced accordingly.  

A block of land is still a big asset, so why not promote a block of land for sale (more like a house) and give it the attention it deserves.
Think about who are you marketing to?
Remember that half of our buyers are not local.

  • Price to entice
  • Try photos at sun set or sun rise ($180).
  • Video – showing the land, view and lifestyle the block/suburb will provide ($220). Showing off the block as a quality location.
  • New photos or video would take it to the next level and show better value for money.
  • A social media campaign. 74% of Australians use two devices simultaneously. There are 14 Million active Australian users on Facebook. The average user spends 12.5 hours on Facebook per week

What @ Real Estate does to promote land sales

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