The @ Real Estate Sales team have been experiencing increased buyer activity over the winter months. Now is a great time to make the most of the local property market conditions by selling your home, here’s why;

  • The market you sell in, is the market you buy in, if you wait for the price of your home to increase, the price of the home you want to buy will most likely increase too.
  • Since the election there has been an increase in buyer activity combined with many sellers waiting for spring to sell, there are less homes for buyers to choose from now.
  • Record low interest rates makes it easier for buyers to afford to pay a little extra for the home they fall in love with.
  • We have stunning weather over the winter months, meaning your home will photograph well, less chance of open homes being ruined due to poor weather.  
  • Southerners that have headed north (to Yeppoon) for the winter, often fall in love with our beautiful beach lifestyle and decide to say, becoming buyers.  This is evident with around half of all @ Real Estate buyers, moving to the area, for example the buyers of both 3 Buccaneer Avenue Lammermoor and 16 Vaglass Street Taroomball, our two most recent sales both going unconditional this week, with both buyers moving to the Capricorn Coast.

Please feel free to contact our team anytime. 

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