Some things you want in your home for a reason that’s not aesthetic, but if you want a truly inspiring interior then you’ll have to find somewhere other than your living space to stash these items:

Sports trophies and medals 

No one wants to take away from little Timmy’s first place in the 100m dash, they just want to take evidence of it away from the lounge. We all love celebrating a win but look for a spot elsewhere in your home to put them on display that shows you’re proud as punch. A games room, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is the ideal but a dedicated pin board in the office or bedroom is an acceptable option.

Old newspapers 

Even if you think you’ve stacked them artistically in a corner, no-one’s believing your pile of crumpled newspapers is a style statement. They’re clutter, they look like clutter and, trust us, you’ll probably feel a whole lot better if you re-home them, repurpose them, or, recycle them. Whatever your disposal method of choice, just get them gone. Your room will thank you for it.

The emphasis here is on the cheap. These days high-end faux plants can be surprisingly realistic and hard to pick when camouflaged in among the real thing. The cheap ones though? Well, they look cheap from the get-go and only worsen with a little ageing. If you’re worried about your green thumb abilities, try your luck with hard-to-kill varieties including snake plant, peace lilies or devil’s ivy.

Awkward family portraits 

Family photos can be a beautiful thing, but the best are those that capture genuine moments of happiness or reflection, as if the subject was unaware of the photographer’s presence. What we’re not fans of are the kind of portraits where the whole family is wearing jeans and a linen shirt, grouped together in a park setting with teenagers looking like they want to die.

Bean Bags

As with fake plants, not all bean bags are created equal. If you’re able to drop a grand or so on the sheepskin variety then by all means do so – they’re the epitome of stylish and natural materials are enjoying a comeback that isn’t going anywhere. Beanbags that make us wince may feature Disney characters, unicorns and rockets. We appreciate the little people in your life may love their squishy little perch and that you find it impossible to resist, but it’s a good use of under-bed space to stash them there when not in use.

Word art 

There’s only one thing to say when it comes to the trend for decorating walls and shelves with words and that’s ‘no’.

Too-small rugs 

A great rug is a key ingredient in a stylish living space. Done well, a rug can really define a space or transform it from average to fabulous, but size is key and too often we buy rugs that fall on the diminutive side. A rug that’s too small will pull your space in, making it seem smaller than it is and that doesn’t seem to be a look anyone aspires to. Get our your measuring tape before you make a purchase, and a good rule of thumb is that a rug should have a touch point with all furniture.



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