A number of projects have recently been completed on the Capricorn Coast, transforming Yeppoon from a sleepy seaside town, to a thriving coastal community. Such projects include the new lagoon, multi-story carpark, disaster management centre.

Central Queensland boats a well-earned reputation as a leader with resource exploration and capital expenditure. That reputation has been boosted in recent times with a number of major infrastructure projects starting to take place around the region including;

•             $3.6M Capricorn Coast Homemaker Centre.

The homemaker centre site is in a prime location, on nine hectares of land in town. Capturing 10,000 vehicles a day and offering seven premium retail and industrial lots.

•             $4.5M Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation.

A loop walk from Kerr Park to Peach Park, to Bell Park and Emu Park’s Village Centre. Other park & town centre improvements.

•             $41M Capricornia Correctional Centre expansion.

Creating 172 construction jobs over the next 4 years. The boost will help deliver a further 84 cells and beds. 130 full-time permanent jobs the once all new sections of the centre are in operation.

•             GKI Power/Energy/Cable.

•             Tourism Developments

•             $140M Shoal Water Bay Facility Upgrade.

Shoalwater bay is a military facility owned by the Department of Defence. Planned for the base in the next is a $130M upgrade by the federal government, and a $660m investment from the Singapore Government. This new investment in the next five years will lead to 219 new jobs created directly during the development phase, with 68 permanent jobs after the upgrade is completed in 2022. 

•             $121M Bruce Highway Upgrade.

Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade will widen the Bruce Highway to four lanes between Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road intersection and Ramsay Creek, north of Rockhampton.

•             $415M Rookwood Weir Project.

The Rookwood Weir Project forms a key component of the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project, which seeks to provide the appropriate reliability of water supply to meet needs. 

•             $1.5 Billion Clarke Creek Wind & Solar Project.

Located 200km from Yeppoon. The project is currently in the feasibility phase, construction is planned to commence by the end of 2019 and the project is expected to be operational by late 2022.

•             Adani Carmichael Coal Mining Project.

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