With Christmas for 2019 right around the corner, it is important that the whole family is prepared and has a wonderful day! As such the @ Real Estate team have compiled a list of things to make this Christmas extra special, for not only the children, but the whole family.

 2. Christmas Light looking

For most families this becomes a beloved tradition, adored by many. To make it better this year and to get the entire family in the Christmas spirit, try playing Christmas music the entire drive and get the family to start singing along.

 2. Christmas Movie Night

Pick a night on the lead up to Christmas and make sure the entire family is available. Preselect a list of Christmas movies, whether it be a marathon or just your favourites. To make it even better ensure you have all of the necessary movie snacks! 

 3. Write a letter to Santa

A long tradition, children have participated in is writing a letter to Santa. Sit down with your child/children and help them write either their Wishlist to Santa or just a friendly Hello letter. It is sure to make their Christmas!

 4. Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread houses are highly recognised at Christmas time. So why not make it fun and get the family a little competitive. Either Bake your own gingerbread or go to the store and buy prebaked houses. Then make sure you have plenty of icing and lollies to decorate. Either work individually or in teams, and may the best house win!

 5. Reindeer Poop

Probably not one for the kids to join in on, but sure to give them a surprise on Christmas morning. Its simple, find some mud and roll into little balls with either glue or hair gel to hold into place, maybe even throw some glitter in there. Then, on Christmas Eve when the kids have gone to bed, scatter it over the lawn, the deck or anywhere else around the home. The kids will be ecstatic to know that Santa and his Reindeer visited them last night!

 6. Bake Christmas goodies together

This calls for some family bonding. There is nothing better than getting the kids involved in the kitchen from any age, even though it can be messy, it’s fun for them. If you’re making Cookies or Dessert for the special day, be sure to delegate tasks in the kitchen for the kids and watch them go. To make it even better, throw on some Christmas music again. 

Try some of these fun ideas or create your own family traditions. 

We hope you have a very Merry and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at @ Real Estate

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