Plans to dredge and revitalise the popular Causeway Lake have been boosted by a $300,000 Building Our Regions (BOR) grant from the Queensland Government.

The grant is one of two significant projects funded by BOR in the Livingstone Shire; the other being a $190,000 grant to transition the Yeppoon Sewage Treatment Plant to solar energy.

The Causeway continues to be one of the most popular attractions for locals and tourists.

The $300,000 funding will employ a project manager to undertake a study and prepare a business case for the proposed dredging of the Causeway Lake as a critical first step in the lake’s revitalisation.

The Yeppoon Sewage Treatment Plant sustainable energy project would also create jobs and deliver a renewable solar-powered energy source, with the upgrade to add solar and a battery.

Council’s upgrade increased the plant’s capacity by half, impacting on electricity costs. Yeppoon’s Sewage Treatment Plant will be the first in Central Queensland to use renewable energy in a significant way to reduce running costs and its impact on the environment.

Source | Capricorn Enterprise | 2nd June 2020 |

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