Kinka Beach, QLD

Kinka Beach is an established community situation on the coast between Yeppoon and Emu Park. Kinka Beach is a popular tourist destination with 2 caravan parks and hotel style accommodation.

Kinka Beach is the traditional land of the Darumbal Aboriginal tribe, as is all of the Capricornia region. The land including the settlement was originally part of a pastoral lease, but limited development took place after a coastal road linking Emu Park and Yeppoon was made during the 1930s. It was not until the 1960s, however, that substantial residential development took place.

It is situated on the banks of Kinka Creek, about 6kms north of Emu Park and seventeen kilometres south of Yeppoon. Kinka beach is 3km long, faces east-north-east and consists of a narrow and, in places, eroding high tide beach fronted by several hundred metres of variable low tide sand flats and ridges. 

Kinka beach is 15 minutes’ drive south of Yeppoon, is the perfect seaside destination for families

Median house price is $305 000
Estimated population of 625
5 year population change -1%
Average length of ownership 15.4 year

Conveniences include;

  • Proximity to beach and Causeway Lake
  • Kinka Kippa Fish & Chips 
  • Postoffice Box
  • "The Big Whale" Marina Centre
  • Kinka Beach Island View Caravan Park

(Source RP Data 2019, Livingstone Shire & Wikipedia)

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