Selling Tips

Don’t leave money on the t@ble

The Ultimate guide to selling your home in 2018

Want to be in the 50% that sell for full list price?
50% of all houses sold over the last 6 months (to April 2018) have been for full list price or more and sold in an average of 30 Days.

This is what all of these houses had in common

    • Perfectly Presented
    • Strong Marketing
    • Priced Right


Home staging has been proven to work

    • Staged homes sell faster compared to un-staged.
    • Staged homes sell for more money.
    • The average buyer decides if they like the property in the first 30 seconds.
    • Buyers pay more for premium presentation, with no work to do.
    • Only 5% of buyers can visualise the potential of a property 


Buyers love big, crisp, clean open spaces.

This allows the buyers to imagine themselves in the property.

Storage Space sells
Buyers love homes with plenty of storage! 

My house already looks great
Selling a property and living a property are two completely different designs. 

Selling is not about you
Once you decide to sell, the property becomes a sale item rather than your home. We understand that is a big realization. 

Let go of your property emotionally
We know your home holds many treasured memories and it can be tough to accept that the property will be someone else’s new home. 

Be objective
Try rearrange your room layouts that maximise the spaces potential.

Renew & Repair
Make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Do a maintenance check around the house before listing.
Buyers will focus on every detail on the house and will notice the small flaws your property may have. 

Add accessories for warmth and emotion.

Create a space that

    • Has a sense of space
    • Feels calm and peaceful
    • Is light filled


Create a Plan
First impressions are important in creating the buyer’s perception of the property and its value. In today’s world of digital marketing it is vital to have high quality photos and floor plans.

Amazing Photos
Scrolling through, or other housing advertising platform, photos really need to stand out and catch attention the attention of the buyer straight away.

Compare sold properties
Instead of comparing what’s on the market, compare what has recently sold in your area. You can then see what buyers are willing to pay in your market compared to what owners are wishing for. To do this check out the sold section on your favourite property site such as,, etc

Finding the sweet spot
When pricing your home, it is crucial you find the ‘sweet spot’ to maximise interest


For a more detailed Selling guide, download the full version of 'Dont Leave Money On The Table; The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in 2018' 

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