Bangalee, QLD

Who needs a road when you have a beach? Bangalee is a small beach side community just north of Yeppoon, which enjoys what is arguably the best beach on the Capricorn Coast, ideal for surfing, fishing and a Sunday drive.  To the north of Bangalee is Capricorn Resort, the local legend says that in the very early 70’s Japanese business man Iwasaki Sangyo flew over the whole east coast of Australia looking for the perfect location to build a $10 million international tourist resort.  Iwasaki fell in love with Farnborough beach and was convinced that it was the best beach he had seen and perfect location for his resort and purchased 6480 hectares of coast land including four kilometers of beach front.  Construction started in June 1979 and was completed in 1988.  Upon approval of the resorts construction in the 70’s a tourism and real estate boom swept over the Capricorn Coast lasting over a decade.

Median house price is $426 000
Median rental price is $400 per week
Estimated population of 188

Situated at the northern end of Yeppoon, Farnborough community offering a quite country lifestyle close to Yeppoon. Popular area for agriculture as well as lifestyle blocks.
Estimated population of 570
Connivances include;


(Source RP Data)